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  • Men: If Orange is the New Black is so good with representation, why are all the men horrible?
  • Women: They're not all horrible. Bennett's nice. What more do you want?
  • Men: But he's clueless and irresponsible! And that's just ONE guy! How can you give me ONE decent male character in a slew of diverse female characters and call THAT representation?
  • Women:
  • Women:
  • Women:
  • Women:
  • Women:
  • Women:
  • Women: ...must be tough.



Game of Pugs. (x)

Omg Linden, has Connor seen this?


The Last Unicorn


I know this contains MAJOR SPOILERS… but I’m just going to leave this right here.

New Sailor Moon Crystal opening and henshin!!

This will be happening on my Birthday! Happy Birthday to me!!! 

We officially live in a country where corporations have more rights than women.


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cream shiba cuteness tho

Can they just stay that size forever!

Can people just not guess even for non Asian people. Because you never guess right, most of the time it’s not in the right hemisphere. I’m from Georgia USA that’s all you need to know. 

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