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What was your most uncomfortable moment while cosplaying? Anonymous

I would say it wasn’t while I was in cosplay but judging a cosplay contest. 

I was judging and this one person walked in, full on black face, using caveman prosthetics to look “black.” While I let him talk and go on about how he made his costume and the makeup he did I just stood there shocked that someone would come to Atlanta in Full Black face. It was so uncomfortable. After he was done and luckily my husband and our friend Amanda look the lead in judging because I was speechless. We took a minute and all of us couldn’t believe that had just happened. I still can’t believe that happened. I’ve seen people go orange in attempt to be tanner which is problematic but that was the first time I was face to face with someone in black face, and proud to be in it too.  

Are you and your husband's ethnicity Indian (not Native American). Anonymous

Nope. Not even from that Hemisphere :)

Why do you have to be trifling threatening to make more Miku costumes? Anonymous

Because I know deep down you absolutely LOVE Miku! So I’ll keep doing it till you LIKE IT!

Did you and your husband meet while cosplaying Anonymous

Nope we met before we started cosplaying. Me met working at WalMart, the only good thing to come out of working for that horrible company. 

Fill my ask with questions! Anon is ON :D

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Cure Blossom

Poor unfortunate soul

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