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Well, if you put enough pressure on  c o a l  it turns to  p e a r l s .

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Take an exclusive costume department tour of ABC’s Once Upon A Time.


WHY do they have a coronation dress?!?

flashback scenes probably? 

Great info about Hook’s jacket for someone I know *points*

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lmao kanye’s new haircut look like those panels in rocket hideout that change your direction when you step on them


lmao kanye’s new haircut look like those panels in rocket hideout that change your direction when you step on them

However, the new cohort of mainstream fans who come to geek culture through the turnstiles of the multiplex represent the generation raised on click-to-buy, digital downloads, and binge-watching. They splurge on media and experiences, but don’t value collecting stuff in the same way as those who grew up in earlier eras of the hobby.

Winners and Losers in the New Convention Economy

By Rob Salkowitz

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Much more thought put in this article than the one that focuses on blaming cosplayers for their lack of adjusting to the current market. 




I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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Done with Skinny Bashers

I am so sick and tired of all the skinny bashing in the supposed safe spaces for women of color here on Tumblr. Hell I’m not even skinny anymore due to getting older and gaining weight but growing up I was constantly mocked and bullied harshly by larger girls for it. It took years after being constantly harassed and even attacked just based on my size and color in school to even feel comfortable in my own skin. I even have had doctors who have abused their position by berating me about what I ate among other things. Basically spending my 20s getting the confidence in myself that was taken from me in my teens and before. So NO I am not going to support any group that marginalizes ‘skinny bitches’ to try and build up large girls. 

edit: gotta love when you call them out they feign ignorance. ‘Body Positive Blog’ my ass

How To Make A Wig Head That Has Your Hairline and Head Shape, with a wighead and less than $10 of materials!


The immediate benefits of having one of these might not be so obvious, but once I made one a while back, I haven’t considered styling a wig on a head that ISN’T of this type! It allows you to do everything but measuring bang length on a head the same as yours. Want to spike a wig and make sure your hairline won’t show? You can do that. Need to alter a wig to have a weird hairline and you don’t want to keep trying the wig on and off again? You can do that. Want to pull a wig in a ponytail but not make it too small? Yep, you can do that! Want to do a really crazy wig for someone who isn’t nearby? Get them to make one of these and mail it to you, and you can style it just as well as if they were wearing it! It’s a nearly indispensable tool in my wig-styling arsenal.

This tutorial is starring tumblr user notyourwaifu as my wonderful model! (She’s currently notyourwaiphantom for Halloween.) Similarly, if someone reblogged this during October and the URL for the jump doesn’t work, I’m only reospookywagon for October; switch the URL to “silencedrowns” and you should be fine.

That said, let’s go!

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I needed this in my life for so long! 

"There are worse things than being weird and intense and that is—overlooked." Full video here

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「ねんどろいど 初音ミク ハロウィンver.」は【HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Los Angeles】で先行販売予定です。

This nendoroid will be first released on HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in LA.

about this Halloween Miku



Some of you asked me about the back design of the dress before and it’s like this↑↑↑

I so want this outfit!

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